How Renovation and Maintenance Make Your Pool Safer

Posted on: March 3rd, 2016 by

At Allen Pool Service, we love to help our customers with renovations and to discuss why renovations are exciting but also sometimes necessary. Especially when children will be using your pool, safety is a major concern, and small renovations combined with regular maintenance can make your pool safer and prevent injury.


4 Steps to Make Your Pool Safer

  1. Check out the surface around the pool. It may be overly slick or there may be noticeable cracks in the deck. If slickness is the problem, you should look at your filtration system. A good filtration system will filter standing water back in the pool and make injury from slipping on the deck less likely. If there are cracks in your deck that you trip on or stub your toe on, it may be time to look at renovating that deck. Many injuries at the pool are caused out of the water from incidents like these, and a renovation can help prevent them!
  2. Make sure your pool is clean and that the chemicals are balanced. You may choose to maintain your pool on your own, and that is great! You can buy a chemical testing kit at any hardware store, and you should check chemical levels once a day while the pool is in use (maybe even more if you have a lot of people using it). Allen Pool Service offers maintenance services, and we are happy to help with chemical balancing and cleaning. Balancing chemicals and keeping your pool clean are very important for the safety of those using your pool: a chemical imbalance can lead to irritated skin and lungs.
  3. Check the entrances to the pool periodically. If you have installed ladders for easy pool entry and exit, make sure these are stable and that the surfaces are not slick. We want to make sure kids feel safe when they are getting into or out of the pool, so if you feel like it is time to update or even just tighten those fixtures, please contact us!
  4. Make sure the rules of the pool are clear. This is something you can do with your kids—sit down with them and ask them what they think some of the rules should be. This is a great way to get them thinking about pool safety, and if they are coming up with the rules themselves, they are more likely to follow them! After you have discussed the rules, you can add signs around the pool stating the rules. You should also have signs with rules specific to diving and also signs that let people know the depth of the pool. Preventative measures like this, no matter how small, make a big difference.

How to Use This Information

Here at Allen Pool Service, we love helping our customers with renovations and maintenance because we want to make sure your pool is both safe and fun for everyone. We are customer-focused and will do everything we can to make sure your pool fits your vision and your budget. For any of our services, call Allen Pool today at (770) 451-1621 or contact us online!

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