Gwinnett County Pool Renovation

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by

When it comes to swimming pool renovation, we have been very busy at Allen Pool. While some pool renovations can be very complex and include new systems and lighting, others are updating pools with new tiles and walkways. We recently did a Gwinnett County pool renovation that was a little of both. This renovation was for a residential complex, so turnaround time was very important because they wanted minimal downtime for their residents. With proper planning, we were able to get their pool updated and renovated in less than a month!

As you know, the condition of a pool is very important to residential complexes. After all, swimming pools are a very important selling feature for living complexes here in Atlanta. If one’s pool is not as nice as it could be, some people may choose to live elsewhere. In this particular case, the client was looking to enhance and update the look of their pool, as well as help make the decking area safer and more appealing.

gwinnett county pool renovation

After initial consultation with the management group and looking through all the different options that would meet their budget and comply with county codes, our Gwinnett County pool renovation client selected the following:

Once the client approved the estimate, work began immediately as we knew that timing was the key. After all, this renovation began in late spring and temperatures we already climbing. Pool weather was on the way and the management team wanted to ensure their residents would have a newly renovated pool ready to go when it mattered.

We are happy to say that everything worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. The pool renovation went flawlessly, even with a few weather hiccups that we managed to worked through. The management team was thrilled with the results, and more importantly, the residents were very happy.

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