Fun and Functional Pool Lighting Tips

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Pool Lighting Tips

When the sun goes down, your urge to swim should not; that’s why pool lighting is so important. Not only does pool lighting allow you too keep swimming well into the night, but it also turns your pool into a visual delight. It can even make your backyard safer by keeping paths and obstacles illuminated. That’s why choosing the right pool lighting is so important, and our swimming pool equipment experts at Allen Pool Service have the know-how you need to make the best choice.

Invest in LED Lighting

While traditional fluorescent bulbs remain the cheapest and most common option for underwater pool lighting, they are gradually being replaced by LED lighting, which is brighter, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient. LED lighting can also come in a variety of colors and even be color-changing.  Also consider fiber-optic lighting for amazing visual effects.

Swimming Pool Lighting Placement Tips

Placement is key when it comes to pool lighting. Here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

More, less-bright sources of light will always look better than fewer, brighter bulbs. Light from multiple sources spread throughout the pool with provide a beautiful even level of brightness that will not cast shadows or leave parts of the pool in darkness.

Also, avoid aiming pool lights towards poolside seating. Just like above-water lights, underwater lights can be uncomfortable when aimed at people’s eyes. While you want to spread out your lighting as much as possible, try your best to point it away from poolside seating areas.

Finally, make sure not to under-light your pool. Don’t miss your chance to turn your swimming pool into a gorgeous backyard water feature!

Getting Creative

Here are some of the latest creative ideas to consider for your pool lighting:

The right choice will depend on what your pool and its surroundings currently look like. For example, a pool with an interesting shape should be highlighted with an LED lighting band; a pool’s waterfall should be illuminated by great lighting; and a featureless pool might need some colored lighting to spruce it up.

Also, don’t forget about the lighting outside the pool! While the pool lighting should be brighter for the best visual effect, the surrounding lights should compliment the pool lighting and not clash with it. Also, surrounding lights will make night-time pool sessions safer and more social. Consider investing in some solar-powered lights to keep your yard both safe and energy-efficient.

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