Exposed Aggregate On Pools – Yay or Nay

Posted on: August 5th, 2019 by

Whether you’re installing a new pool or planning pool renovation, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to your pool – and the surrounding areas. From décor to materials and more you have a lot of choices to make. If you’re considering exposed aggregate as the material for your pool’s interior, here are some things to weigh before making the final decision.

Why Exposed Aggregate?

It’s a popular choice that many pool owners make. The look of exposed aggregate is sophisticated and attractive, certainly more so than your typical plaster. Exposed aggregate is, essentially, stone pebbles or glass beads that create the surface surrounding your pool. There are many interesting textures and colors to choose from that elevate the look of your entire pool area. It’s also extremely durable. Where plaster only lasts about 5-10 years before requiring a refinish, exposed aggregate can go up to 20 years if you’re taking good care of it.

What Should I Be Worried About?

The look is hard to beat, and the durability is definitely impressive, but that doesn’t mean exposed aggregate doesn’t have its drawbacks, too. The bumps and texture that make it such an aesthetically pleasing option can also make it painful to walk on, depending on your selection. If you want to negate this potential negative, we recommend choosing a smaller aggregate. Though it can last much longer than plaster before requiring a refinish, it will eventually need one. If you were hoping for a material that wouldn’t need that at all, exposed aggregate may not be the right choice for you. You may also face calcium buildup if you’re not properly caring for your pool.

What About Alternatives?

If you’re looking for the aesthetic of exposed aggregate without the texture, you may want to look to polished aggregate. It has a similar look, but the pebbles or beads are sanded flat rather than the uneven surface of exposed aggregate. You may also look at porcelain, stone, or glass tile for a nonporous option that doesn’t harbor algae and lasts the longest of any pool finishes available. Tile is, however, also the most expensive option out there.

Exposed aggregate offers a unique feel and appearance for your pool’s interior, but it won’t always be the best option. Consider what you want your pool to look and feel like, but don’t stop there. It’s worth taking into account who will be using your pool most (do you have a lot of young children using your pool that might not appreciate the texture? Or is it mostly adults who prefer the texture and can fully appreciate the aesthetic?), and what factors are most important to you. Then, when you’re ready to renovate your pool, give us a call.

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