Commercial Pool Renovation in Duluth, GA

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Pool Renovation Project

Recently we completed a great commercial swimming pool renovation in Duluth. This commercial pool renovation was a small apartment and condominium complex. The complex had spent the past several years updating facilities for their residents and one of the last projects was the pool. They, like many of our commercial clients, had found that prospective buyers and renters were citing the condition of the pool, and other facilities, among key factors when deciding on whether to live there.

Duluth commercial pool renovation

This particular pool was aging and had several cracks that were causing leaks and becoming a headache to maintain by the complex. During our initial consultation with the facility management team, we helped them pick out new tiling, coping, and plaster. These items would help give the pool a clean and updated look, as well as fix all the leaking problems. The team selected:

This commercial pool renovation started in mid-April and was completed in the first week of May. The quick turnaround was key for the management team, as they had several new units opening and they needed the pool complete in time to begin showing prospective new residents. In fact, they cited that many prospective residents made remarks about how wonderful the pool looked. As a result, they had a lot more serious interest from prospective residents!

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If you are a commercial facility, be it an apartment complex, recreational facility or hotel, swimming pools renovations can help with your bottom-line. We have seen, countless times, that prospective buyers and guests do consider the pool and the pool area. So, if you need your pool updated, repaired or more, consider Allen Pool Services. We have more than 25 years of experience servicing the Atlanta area with pool renovation, repair, and maintenance. Call (770) 451-1621 or schedule a free consultation.

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