Best Pool Control Systems

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We all want to be in control. Unfortunately, most of the world is out of our control. But your pool? Now there’s something you can control, especially with the amazing pool automation technology available today.

Here’re some of the best pool control systems available today to give you full control of your backyard oasis.

PoolSide Tech The Attendant

PoolSide Tech’s The Attendant pool control system comes with a number of attractive features for pool owners. First, it’s designed to integrate with pool control equipment from any manufacturer. For people who aren’t looking to upgrade every component in their pool just to get a high level of control and automation, this is an appealing prospect.

The other attractive feature of The Attendant is that it’s a smart pool control system that learns your pool and learns how to optimize its function for an eco-friendly pool. Instead of running your pool heaters all the time, it can run them just enough that your pool is ready to use when you want it. For example, if you don’t use your pool during the week but tend to use it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, The Attendant learns your pool’s systems and knows how long it will take to get your pool ready for use. Then it will keep the heaters off until necessary to have the pool at the desired temperature when you take your first plunge. You can program it with any schedule of use, such as weekday morning swims, and add specific plans, such as a birthday pool party, to ensure your pool is ready whenever you want it, but you aren’t wasting energy heating it unnecessarily.

Hayward OmniHub

What makes the Hayward OmniHub one of the best pool control systems is compatibility-forward design. Of course, it’s capable of integrating with other Hayward products, but it’s also designed for integration with many powerful smart pool devices. Sometimes the integration is truly seamless, but for some products you might need to add some daughter boards.

In addition, the OmniHub integrates with smart home automation systems, such as Nest, Control4, Crestron4, and others. You can also access the controls via voice-controlled home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

Pentair IntelliConnect

pool control systemPentair’s IntelliConnect pool control system links via the Pentair Home App to let you monitor and control your pool equipment. It allows you to automate and schedule up to five pool products without direct wired connection to the control. On top of this, the ScreenLogic2 interface lets you perform all control from any mobile device. It gives you access to a historical track of pH and sanitation levels in the pool. You can also control attached lighting systems to create the perfect mood. It can integrate lighting systems in the pool, spa, or landscape.


Jandy’s hookup to give you control over your pool with your smartphone is also a good pool control system. It combines free apps for Apple and Android devices with a web-app to make the control system accessible from virtually any device. It gives you information about your current pool conditions and lets you control a variety of pool and related systems, including valves, pumps, heaters, salt chlorinators, and lights.

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