Best New Pool Automation Technology Systems for 2022

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New Swimming Pool Technologies from Atlanta Pool Company Allen Pool Service

At Allen Pool Service, our mantra has always been simplifying the lives of our customers. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of their pools without having to deal with the hassles of pool ownership.

While we have always done this in the past through our dependable pool service, we know that many people can enjoy the ultimate in hassle-free pool ownership thanks to new pool automation technologies. While pool automation doesn’t eliminate all pool maintenance needs, it can be extremely helpful in reducing the need for pool services, not to mention taking care of the basic maintenance you’d otherwise do yourself. Here are some of the best new pool automation technologies that you can consider adding to your pool in 2022.

PoolsideTech The Attendant

One of the potential frustrations of automating your pool is that it can require you to stick to one manufacturer for all your pool equipment. When you are adding a new pool, you don’t necessarily want to be stuck picking equipment that is not as good just because it matches the manufacturer.

The Attendant solves this problem, as it’s a completely agnostic control technology. You can use this tool to link to any equipment you have in your pool. This is especially beneficial if you already have a diverse array of different equipment in your pool. The Attendant claims to be able to talk to capable equipment from any manufacturer and provide full monitoring and control of them from an app you put on your smartphone. This gives you the full benefits of automation, with the resultant energy savings, without having to replace all your pool components.

Perhaps the only downside is that while it mentions controlling lights, pumps, salt, and other chemicals, there is no mention that this app can or will be able to control pool cleaning robots.

Hayward OmniLogic Smart Pool and Spa Control

Hayward boasts that its OmniLogic system, including the OmniPL specifically for new pools and spas, is purpose-built from the ground up as a pool control app designed to work on modern electronics, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The controls are intuitive and allow you to design settings for different times and moods, setting up specific combinations of lights, fountains, and other features.

While the OmniLogic doesn’t yet mention that it controls Hayward’s pool cleaning robots, the system is designed to constantly update and add functionality, making it supposedly “future-proof.” If this is truly the case, we expect that the cleaning robot functionality will likely be added in the near future.

Jandy AquaLink RS

The Jandy Aqualink is designed as a versatile hub for controlling numerous pool devices. While the base model only controls the pump, heater, and three additional devices, some are available that control up to 31 additional devices. Then, using the free app, you can customize settings for all these devices, giving you the absolute freedom to configure your pool and/or spa exactly how you want it. You can put your pool into any designed configuration with simply a quick tap on your phone or tablet.

While Jandy doesn’t explicitly name their robotic cleaners as supported by the AquaLink system, there is reference to controlling cleaning, which could mean that this functionality is either already available or coming soon. After all, with control capacity for up to 31 auxiliary devices, you’d like to think that the cleaner would be one of them.

Pentair IntelliConnect®

Pentair IntelliConnect seems to work a little bit differently from the other systems listed here. The IntelliConnect is designed to handle just five devices related to your pool’s condition, such as pool pumps, filters, lights, chlorination, and/or salt levels. However, there are numerous products that could potentially connect to Pentair’s Home App.

In order for this to be practical, it would seem that while the Intelliconnect can act as a hub, it’s not the only way for your smart pool devices to interact via the Home App. This would allow you to control more devices – it’s not clear how many – to help you achieve the pool environment you desire.

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