Behind the Scenes: Atlanta Swimming Pool Renovation

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Have you ever wondered what really goes into a swimming pool renovation? Each year, we do a lot of swimming pool renovations in Atlanta, and no one is the same. But, we did want to give you a little look behind the scenes at a recent Atlanta pool renovation.

As with all renovations, this begins with a free consultation.  We went out and looked at the pool and met with the homeowners to get a feel for what they would like in their pool makeover. Then, we have them come to our office and look at materials that will go into their new pool design.

Atlanta pool renovationBased on our consultation, we found there were some issues with many key systems, including some leaking that was taking place. As a result, this renovation included updating a of the actual infrastructure of the pool, including installing all new piping and updating the pumps and filtration systems. As a result, one of the first jobs on this particular project was setting up and installing all new piping.


Our clients selected all new natural stone coping and decking. So, that required breaking up the old concrete and then leveling out and waterproofing the new decking area. Then, we laid down all the new stone and put it into place.

For the inside of the pool area and bottom, the customer selected a new glass tile floor. This replaced an older concrete and plaster flooring. With glass tiling, we started by creating a smooth work surface and then prepared the floor so the tile can adhere to the bottom. Not to mention, we must ensure it is waterproofed so water doesn’t seep through between the tiling and leak.

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The glass bottom tiles created a stunning and fresh look to the pool. At night, with the new LED lighting, the pool reflection from the new tiles creates a soothing kaleidoscope of colors. Also, the smooth glass surface is great on bare feet.

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