Atlanta Salt Water Pool Conversion

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At Allen Pool Service in Atlanta, it is our job to help you feel proud of your pool. Owning and taking care of a pool is a significant undertaking, and we want to make sure you love your pool without hesitation. This is why we shine spotlights on several pool renovations every month—we love completing a project and seeing the looks on our customers’ faces! This month we are bringing you a very special residential renovation that included a salt water pool conversion from a family out of Atlanta.

The family came to us with several ideas in mind. They wanted to update the look of the pool, as its age was showing, and they also wanted to update their pool technology. There are many amazing updates that can really change the experience of being a pool owner. They can make your pool safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

Pool Renovations

Our Allen Pool Atlanta staff worked closely with the family to ensure that their renovation would fulfill their dreams and stay within their given budget. In our showroom, the family picked out their new travertine coping, quartz plaster, and Gemstone Blue tile. Updating the look of the pool was important to the family because they host many events throughout the summers, and their kids spend a great deal of time in and around the pool. With all this activity, the pool was worn down and presented not only an aesthetic issue but also a safety issue. These beautiful upgrades fixed everything!

Salt Water Pool Conversion

The family decided, after weighing the benefits and drawbacks, to switch over to a salt system. For them, it came down to the fact that salt water pools, while not chemical-free, require significantly lower levels of chemicals to balance the water and keep it clean. This means that the water is less likely to irritate the eyes and skin, and it also requires less maintenance than a chlorine system. Both of these factors were important to this family because of the amount of time the kids spend by the pool, and the fact that they did not want to dedicate so much of their time to dealing with cleaning and adding chemicals.

The family selected one more upgrade to complete their renovation: an Aqualink system. The Aqualink is one of many “smart” pool systems on the market, and the idea is essentially that you can control your pool from a remote or a smart phone. A system such as this allows the pool owner to maintain the filter, pump, heater, and chemical levels, to name a few. This is a worthy investment because it can help the owner find small issues before they become large ones, and it can also help with energy conservation.

We loved completing this renovation because of all the different elements involved: this was a combination of aesthetic and technological upgrades, and our team had a great time working on these major changes. The family was involved every step of the way and the end result was astounding. We love the way it turned out, and we hope the family has a wonderful summer hanging around their renovated pool!

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