Amazing Pools from Around the World

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Your team of pool maintenance experts at Allen Pool Service love seeing the latest in new pool design. After all, seeing what others are doing with their pools help us bring those ideas to our customers, whether it is a new pool or a complete pool renovation and make over. Thus, we are always looking at amazing pools from around the world to help spark the imagination. Plus, some of these are just fun to look at in awe. So, we decided to showcase a few of the more spectacular pools we have seen. And, who knows, perhaps you will want a pool that spans two skyscrapers!

World’s Most Amazing Pools!

The Incredible Sky Pool in London – Coming Soon!

amazing pools - incredible sky pool

Last year, this pool was quite the buzz (and it is not yet built) as it will be the first glass bottom pool to span two skyscrapers. This will allow you to swim 10 floors (about 115 feet) above London and see the ground below you. This pool will not be for the faint-of-heart, so you will want to avoid it if you have issues with height. After all, vertigo is not a good thing if you are in the water! To swim here, you will need to know a resident of this luxury apartment complex in the Nine Elms district.

The pool itself will be 25 by 5 meters by 3 meters deep and will be made of 20 centimeters of thick, highly engineered glass. Pool construction is slated to start in coming year and will be ready by 2018 when the first residents will be moving into the apartment complex.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

world's largest swimming pool

If you want to say you have swam in the world’s largest swimming pool, you will need to go to Chile. The San Alfonso del Mar resort’s man-made lagoon is a 3,324-foot long salt water pool that sits just along the coastline. This is equivalent to about 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools in length. This amazing pool was completed in 2006 and took about 5 years to build. The pool itself covers about 19 acres and goes to a depth of about 12 feet and holds 250 million liters of water! Using a computer controlled filtration and suction system, the water is pulled in from the nearby ocean itself. They let the sun do most the heating of the pool, but it is warmer than the nearby ocean at about 79 degrees.

Swim in Two Continents

amzing geothermal pool

The Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a unique geothermal pool and is a true bucket list pool experience. The warm geothermal waters are much warmer than the surrounding air, which often creates a mystic fog across the pool, adding to it’s other-worldly feel. If you swim here, you will be able to swim across two different continents as it sits atop the Mid Atlantic Range. And, unlike a lot of amazing pools of the world, this one is open to the public. However, there is a hotel associated with it, the Blue Lagoon Clinic hotel which about a 10-minutes’ walk away.

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