7 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Pool

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Are you thinking about renovating your pool? Perhaps you’ve been kicking around the idea for a while now. Is now the time for pool renovations, or should you put it off another year? If it is time for a renovation, how much should you do? Here are a few things to consider that can help you make the decision.


Does Your Pool Have Functional Problems?

There are many reasons to want to renovate your pool. Perhaps you’re considering a cosmetic update. Maybe you want to add a fun feature. These types of renovations can easily be put off.

But if you’re considering a renovation because your pool has functional problems, you should try to get the renovation done sooner rather than later. Postponing pool repairs can make those problems worse. In these cases, a pool renovation now might actually save you money in the long run.

How Do You Use Your Pool Now?

If your answer to this question is some variation of “I don’t use my pool now,” then you should prioritize a pool renovation. There’s no point to having a pool if you don’t use it. Take this as an opportunity to get a pool makeover that will make you happier to use it. Often, you’ll find the difference between not using your pool at all and using it almost every day isn’t very big.

How Do You Want to Use Your Pool?

7 Things to Consider When Renovating Your PoolWhen considering renovations, keep your focus on how you want to use your pool. If you’re focused on health aspects and want to swim more laps, you might consider expanding the pool to get more distance in.

Perhaps you want to do more entertaining at your pool. In this case, you should also focus on your pool deck to make it more comfortable.

Perhaps you want the kids to spend more time playing at the pool. In this case, you might want to add some water features as part of your pool makeover.

And, of course, adding lights helps make your pool more usable at night, which is especially important for the shoulder seasons. While you’re at it, don’t forget a fire pit or other features that can help you keep warm while enjoying your pool after dark.

Are You Going to Be Doing Other Renovations?

Don’t renovate your pool to match your current house and grounds if you’re going to be redoing those soon. Instead, renovate your pool in a way that will match the style of your redesigned house or yard.

If you don’t have specific plans for other remodels yet, you might have to do some touchups when other remodels are complete, but hopefully you can avoid another full pool renovation.

How Much Renovation Can You Afford?

Always factor in your budget when planning your pool renovation. Maybe you have a little bit of stimulus money sitting around still, and you want to splurge. Or perhaps you were laid off for a while and finances are a little tight so you need to stick to the basics.

But remember, there are many affordable pool renovation options.

When Is the Best Time for Your Pool Renovation?

Timing your pool renovation is always a little tricky. If you have functional problems with your pool, you might have to complete renovations ASAP, even if it means missing this summer season.

Other times, it’s best to put renovations off until after the season ends. Sometimes you can get a good deal by scheduling your renovation during the off season when pool maintenance companies are not as busy.

How Will You Maintain Your Renovated Pool?

If you want your renovated pool to last as long as possible, you should consider maintenance before scheduling your renovation. If your pool’s problems were due to poor maintenance, it might be time to get professional pool maintenance to take over. There are also some features that benefit from professional care.

Other features can help automate pool maintenance to make it easier for you.

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