7 Essential Items to Consider When Renovating a Commercial Pool

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For many businesses like hotels, now seems like the perfect time to invest in business improvements that will pay off when the situation returns to more normal levels of business. One of the great things to do now is a pool renovation. But if you are going to do a commercial pool renovation, you want to make sure you do it right.

Here are seven essential considerations to make sure you get the most out of your commercial pool renovation.

Is Your Pool Big Enough?

If you are renovating your pool, now is the time to consider whether you want to enlarge your pool. Depending on the type of clientele you attract, a small pool might be as bad as no pool. People are looking for a large pool because it won’t be as crowded, and it offers better options for lap swimming as opposed to just playing in the water.

Is Your Pool Outdated?

Everything in your business is at risk of becoming outdated as styles and trends change regularly. Whether you are operating a public pool, a hotel or a gym, an out-of-date pool can be unattractive for visitors. It might also not offer the features people look for in a pool. This means that not only will the pool not serve as a draw for customers, it won’t get as much use, making it a poor investment.

Does Your Pool Match Your Brand?

In addition to being outdated, sometimes pools just don’t match your company’s brand anymore. If your company went through a rebrand, it might be time to give your pool a rebranding, too.

Much of the rebrand will likely focus on the style and decoration of the pool, but don’t forget options like a saltwater system that can make your pool feel more special and go along with brands that have a natural or “green” element to them.

What Licenses Do You Need?

Pool renovation requires licenses and permits for the work. It’s important to figure these elements into the cost of the pool remodel.

The pool remodel company should know what these are and should be able to obtain them for you, but if they aren’t talking about these essential parts of the process, they might not be the right company for you.

Is the New Pool Safe?

7 Essential Items to Consider When Renovating a Commercial PoolYour old swimming pool might have been safe, or it might have certain features that were grandfathered in despite code changes. Now might be the perfect time to update the safety of the pool.

You should do a complete evaluation of the pool’s safety. Electrical components like lights might be damaged in the renovation process, and they should all be checked to make sure they’re still safe and don’t introduce current into the pool. Incorporate all necessary repairs into the renovation.

What Pool Coating Should You Use?

In the past, most pools were simply coated with plaster. While plaster remains a viable option, there have been tremendous advances in pool coatings. Some of these are just variations on plaster, but they can significantly increase the durability of the pool coating, extending its life.

Other types of coatings, such as pebble coatings and tiles, can make the pool seem fancier and more enjoyable. A new coating is a great way to update your pool and make it on-brand.

Can You Get a Warranty on the Work?

When you contract someone to renovate your commercial pool, you want to know that the work is going to be worth the money and will actually last. One of the best ways to get assurance of this is with a warranty. Ask about the warranty each company offers when you’re collecting bids, and compare these in detail before making your decision.

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