6 Cool Accessories for Your Pool Renovation

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Swimming Pool Fun Accessories from Atlanta Pool Company Allen Pool Service

Are you considering a pool renovation? If so, it’s likely you’re doing it to make your pool more fun and ensure it gets more use this coming pool season. If that’s your goal, then don’t overlook these accessories that can really help you enjoy your pool more. Some of these can be done as built-ins to go along with your renovation, while others are separate items that you can purchase after the renovation is complete.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls are a great addition to your pool. They make the pool more enjoyable because they add more fun and play opportunities. It encourages people to play with the water and have fun splashing in the pool. They make it easier to keep cool in and around the pool without constantly going underwater.

In addition, fountains and waterfalls provide visual texture to the pool, which helps it look more interesting. They also provide audio texture. The sound of the fountain or waterfall can help you and your guests feel more relaxed around the pool. The sound can block out traffic and other background noises, too, which helps your pool seem more like a backyard oasis.


If a backyard oasis is your goal, then planters are a natural choice for achieving the effect. Planters let you surround your pool with more natural foliage. Foliage can provide more blocking for things you don’t want to see from your pool – not to mention keeping annoying gawkers from bothering you. They can also provide color, texture, and shade.

Foliage can also help provide a more relaxing appearance – less artificial materials, and more natural lines can help you feel more comfortable around the pool.

Climbing Wall

Diving boards and water slides are all well and good, but you can up the excitement level at your pool by adding a climbing wall. Climbing walls provide a fun and challenging activity at the pool’s edge. Everyone will enjoy attempting the wall, whether they can make it all the way to the top or if they decide to jump down halfway. These come in a variety of sizes and challenge levels, so you can get the one that’s right for you and your pool.


Lights in and around the pool can help make your pool more fun and usable during the night. With new LED lights, it’s easy to get multicolored lights that you can control from your phone to set just the right mood for any get-together at the pool.

These can be easily built in as part of the renovation or added later.


Swimming Pool Fun Accessories from Atlanta Pool Company Allen Pool ServiceFire can be an even more dramatic way to make your pool more usable after dark. Fire gives you light, but it also gives you heat. The heat can make it easier to use your pool in the spring and fall by making it more pleasant to hang out around the pool when the water might still be warm, but the air isn’t.

Fire pits can be built in during your pool renovation, but they are also easy to add afterwards. They can be propane powered and either fixed in place or moveable.

Media System

Having a media system is another way to make hanging around the pool more fun. The media system could be something very basic – a floating speaker that syncs to your phone is an easy addition.

However, if you want to go all out, you can build in multiple speakers, including underwater speakers, and you can put a large TV or projection screen beside the pool so you can have pool and movie parties.

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Allen Pool Service has been helping people in Atlanta get the most out of their pools for more than 50 years. We not only oversee pool renovations, but we maintain pools, so we get to see pool owners before and after their renovations. We know what people really enjoy from a pool renovation.

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