2021 Swimming Pool Renovation Trends

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The end of the year is always fun. And, we are sure after this year, we are all looking forward to the New Year! We find fun about the new year because everyone is attempting to predict what next year will bring. We wanted in on the action, too, so we have pulled out our crystal ball made some predictions on swimming pool renovations trends for 2021. All these trends, we believe, make for unique pools that will help make your pool a one-of-a-kind.

Tile Inlay

There are countless tile options nowadays! There is no better way to create your own charm than displaying tile inlay. It can be custom-designed just for you and allows you to put your signature on your pool. This statement is trendy for families who may have just moved into a new home, and the pool came with it. It allows them to not only make their home, well, theirs, but also the swimming pool.

LED Lights

Ok…we admit this is not just a 2021 thing. LED lighting has been a top pool renovation trend for several years. But, LEDs provide a lot of energy efficiency while enabling a great deal of light. Also, many LED light systems allow you to control colors and pool ambiance from your smart home or digital assistant, such as Alexa.

Rain Descents

For years we have talked about waterfall features. Rain descents are similar water features, but usually more of a sheet of cascading water in front of wall (with an inlay tile feature). Rain descents have been famous for years in more urban settings, both indoor and outdoor. But, now, they are becoming more and more common around pool areas.

Acrylic Walls

Truly stunning and becoming more popular is the use of acrylic walls. These walls can only be done where the pool is sort of on a hilltop, allowing for a cutaway in the hill to expose the pool from the side. But, if you have the right space, it can be a stunning feature as people can essentially see into the pool from the side.

Outdoor Living Areas

If 2020 did anything, it made us all appreciate useful outdoor areas around your home. So, we expect a big trend for 2021 will be to build more outdoor living areas around their pool areas. This includes building full kitchens, covered sitting, fire pits, and more. Essentially, building upon the pool area to make a versatile entertaining area. And, after this year, people will be ready for more fun and gatherings.

If you are looking to spruce up your pool area before the 2021 pool season, give us a call at 770-451-1621 or request a free consultation. The nice thing is, since we live in Atlanta, we can do pool renovations year-round. That means we can work over the winter and early spring months, so your pool is ready to go before the heat of summer kicks in.

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